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Planned Parenthood Saved Me

An example of how supporters of Planned Parenthood are powerful when we band together.

Re-posted from the blog Planned Parenthood Saved Me:

"I have to have my second colpo in a year.  The first one I had student health insurance to cover.  But I’ve graduated and still have no job so Planned Parenthood is my only option.  A colpo can cost up to $800 without insurance but my PP only charges $300 and on top of that they have a loan program to cover half the charge.  Guess who provides the loan program?  Not the government, but a local woman’s roller derby team whose teammate died of stage 4 cervical cancer.  She had suffered sexual abuse and avoided getting annual exams.  The team raised money for her treatment but it was too late for her.  They donated the money to PP and have held fundraisers since.  When I found out I cried my eyes out.  Incredibly frustrated and sad that women aren’t getting the care they need but also thankful that these women who lost a teammate and friend are turning that grief into something positive that helps women like me."

With thanks for all you do,



Thursday, May 22nd

ParkingFREE!  The parking lot right across 5th street from the venue will be free for us on Prom night.

Doors Open:  7pm

Guest DJ:  Kevin Smith, owner of Full Circle Media!  Kevin has been honored with awards from The Knot and Wedding Wire; we're so lucky to have him on board for Prom!

Food:  Fresh-baked pizzas (and pizza rolls!) from the North Door Pizza Kitchen!  Full menu located here.  In addition, we'll have a small selection of fruit and other fresh stuff, donated by a generous Prom benefactress

Cupcake Bar:  donated by Seven Cakes

Documentary Photographer:  Cecily Johnson Photography
Prom Photo Booth:  Kate Phillips, with Cecily Johnson Photography

Guest Face Painter:  Kristin A. Hogan
             For a $5 donation, Kristin will give your cheek a pretty accent to match your outfit!  All facepaint donations will be added to our donation total for the night.

Goodies for Goddesses:  A limited number of FREE goodie bags will be handed out at the door; come early to be sure you get one!

Prom Corsages:  A very limited number of corsages and other wearable flower art, professionally designed by Bella Fiori, will be available at the door.  Come early and find one that matches your gorgeous outfit!  All corsage sales will be added to our donation total for the night.

RaffleAll raffle ticket sales will be added to our donation total for the night.  Tickets will be $1.00 each, or 6 for $5.00.
       Current Raffle Items:
                     - a bellydance party for you and your friends,
                           led by the "Boss Belly" herself, Ms. Lizbet!
                     - floral art by Bella Fiori
                           (including another "Purse&Shoe", by request)
                     - a unique art piece by Heartless Machine
                     - a pop-art bag designed by Anne Hanrahan
                     - a private, one-hour, Hatha yoga session
                             with Allison Faust, RYT
                     - a basket of baked goodies from Mama Cat's Kitchen
                     - some completely adorable stuff from Froggie & Ellie
                     - hand-poured candles from Luna Tigre Candles
                     - a handmade baby quilt, lovingly stitched
                           by our very own Trudy Pickle!
                     - a FREE cut and color from Benjamin Beau Salon
                             valued at $250!

With thanks for all you do,


Greg Abbott doesn't seem to care about equal pay for women

Greg Abbott says he would not sign legislation making it easier for women to sue their employers over pay discrimination.

Here's the thing:  On top of being paid less, women often have less time than men because they are primary (or sole) caregivers for their children.  Not always, certainly, but often.  A recent law, if passed, would have extended the amount of time a women has to sue her employer for a fair wage.  (Of course, Governor Goodhair vetoed it.)

Greg Abbott was asked about it, and said if it came across his desk, he would not vote for legislation like this.

The equal pay issue has been plaguing Abbott's campaign for a while now.  Ironically enough, even though some of his Republican allies are coming forward with reports of equal pay issues in Abbott's own offices, he won't back down from his stance.

Interesting choice, considering more than half the Texas electorate are women...


The Absurdities of the TxLeg.

Here's one that'll make you laugh out loud:

The Texas state Senate committee on Health&Human Services met last week to pat themselves on the back for their legislative achievements in women's health care.

Yeah.  You read it right.  Here it is again:

The Texas state Senate committee on Health&Human Services met last week to pat themselves on the back for their legislative achievements in women's health care.

Ignore the 76 family planning clinics that have had to close because of recent legislative restrictions and budget cuts. 

Ignore the fact that the TxLeg slashed the state's family-planning budget by two-thirds back in 2011.

Ignore the fact that a third of Texas women have no health insurance, and 155,000 Texas women have lost access to the most basic preventative health care since 2011.

Ignore the fact that last year Texas was ranked 6th worst in the nation in a report on women's health.

Ugh.  I think I'm done laughing now.

Our dear and lovely Cecile Richards said in a recent email to HuffPost, "It's laughable that the same politicians that have devastated Texas women's access to health care -- cancer screenings, birth control, and safe, legal abortion -- are now touting their so-called achievements in women's health.  If that’s what they call help for Texas women, we've had quite enough of it."

I couldn't agree more.  How 'bout you?


When it doesn't matter what you do...

I got quite a lovely surprise watching The Daily Show last night.

Some of you have seen the brand new contact cards I had made for Goddess Prom.  Flip it over and on the back you'll see one of my very favorite quotes.  It's taken from one of the tv shows of my all-time favorite writer/producer/director, Joss Whedon:

"If it doesn't matter what you do, then all that matters is what you do."

It's a powerful statement.  Makes you think hard and ponder what it really means.

Last night I was stunned to discover just how far these words have reached.  In a Daily Show segment (set in or near Sochi), Jason Jones is speaking to a Russian grandmother about why she is the sole supporter of human rights at a very hostile public demonstration:

After you get past the 30-second ad, the part that made me break down in tears is at about 5:30...

I'm aware the issue of human rights in Russia has nothing to do with Planned Parenthood or The Goddess Prom, and I don't write this post with any intention other than to share with you an amazing moment.  I was so thrilled to hear someone on the other side of the planet speaking the very words I had recently chosen to share with all my Goddesses.  (And as a big nerd when it comes to Joss Whedon, I was thrilled to find fans in Russia.)   ;-)

The issue of reproductive equality/justice/health care in Texas seems huge.  The problems are many, and seem so large that we feel powerless to do anything about it.  (What can *I* possibly do that would really change anything??)

If it doesn't matter what you do, then all that matters is what you *do*.

With thanks for ALL you do,


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